Discover Masai Mara – the off the Beaten Path Destination on a Budget Safari

There are different kinds of travelers, but most want to keep the Masai Mara safari in their travel bucket list.Among all the East African countries, Kenya is perhaps the best country to do it in. Why? It is because Kenya is home to the Maasai Mara National Park, which is acknowledged for the highest concentration of wildlife and mammals in the world. It is Kenya’s leading park and undeniably one of the top game safari destinations in the world.

Have you ever wish to travel to the Masai Mara National Reserve but think it would be way out of your budget? Safari holidays are notoriously expensive! But you can take the assistance of reputed tour operators or travel management companies that provide exclusive Masai Mara budget safari to meet your travel wish. They share with you all the details and tell you how you can experience the Masai Mara on a budget!

Masai Mara budget safari

Most travelers (especially the budget ones) remain very disappointed when they come to know that safari is an expensive affair. If you try to book the Masai Mara safari in advance from your home country, you’ll find the prices start at 800USD for just 3-days only. Not many travelers or backpackers cannot afford such a large amount. However, if you wish to get a better deal on budget Masai Mara safari, you should contact a local safari operator who will guide you every step. Or the most common way is to book it once you are in Kenya or Nairobi.

Typically, the backpacker boarding house offers the best rates, but the final price will never go lower than 130-150USD per day. The minimum days you need to book is around three days; therefore, you’ll end up with an expense of at least 380 to 450USD for the budget Masai Mara safari. Now the question arises: what are the things included in this Masai Mara budget safari package?

• Transportation in the group (from and to Nairobi)

• Three-time meals a day (drinks not included)

• Accommodation in a shared tent outside of the National Park

• The entrance fees to the Maasai Mara National Park entrance fee

• Half-day game drive on the first day, full game drive on the second day, and a morning game drive on the third day with co-travelers.

You probably understood it correctly. This package is a complete trip for people who are on a budget. You book a three day Masai Mara safari, but you only do one to three days of game drive. Why and how? It is so as the first day will be passed on driving to the park while game viewing and settled up in the camp and chance to visit the evening game drive. You can go for a full game drive on the second day. On the third day, you will get time for a quick morning safari, as you need to drive back to Nairobi. You can also find other travelers to share the cost with the help of the tour operator. They will help you manage the things so that your safari itinerary will not be compromised. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that Masai Mara safari prices would vary based on weather conditions and advance booking. You may also put down the costs by bringing your own camping equipment. However, in any case, it can be immensely cheaper if you book it in Nairobi.

BuyMore Adventures dedicated to providing personalized service with the best price guarantee in the market. For a well-planned Masai Mara budget safari, you can call them at +254-729-242950! They are happy to guide you.


Wildebeest Migration – The Masai Mara Experience not to Miss

Grand and glorious wildlife and the ultimate experience during a safari distinguish Masai Mara from the rest of the African nation. The variety of wildlife species, the presence of the Big 5, the close encounters one can have and the excitement of all such adventurous experiences draw a large number of adventure lovers to the Masai Mara National Park, located in the southwest of Kenya. Masai Mara migration safari is the ultimate safari experience that you can undertake to witness the annual natural phenomenon of movement of large herds of wildlife between Masai Mara and the Serengeti National Park.

You can visit Masai Mara and be part of 4 days Masai Mara migration safari tours organized by reputed tour operators to have the real-life experience of witnessing the world’s most extraordinary wildlife events.

Here we discuss facts that will help you to have the best of adventurous experience during Masai Mara migration.

Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara

The best time to witness wildlife migration in Masai Mara
Selecting the time to be at Masai Mara to see the Great Migration is of utmost importance. The best period to witness this natural phenomenon of movement of millions of animals making their way to Masai Mara crossing the Mara River is from July to September. We hope that by September world will return to its normal and all travel restrictions lifted, allowing you to be part of Masai Mara migration safaris.

The vast herds of wild animals stay in Masai Mara from July to October and then again travel back to Serengeti from November. If you are in Masai Mara, it is for sure that you will have the opportunities to have the best of close encounters with wildlife.

The pieces of advice to witness the migration at its best
If you have in mind to being a part of such a safari, then it is wise to know how to witness the migration at its best. The trained guides of the reputed tour organization have the best of knowledge and experience to guide you. Still, then also you should know how to make migration safari in Masai Mara an adventurous experience that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Place to stay
You will notice that there are various options for accommodations overlooking the Mara River. If you prefer, you can stay at private concessions and have a better opportunity to witness the migration. Many tour operators organize special game drives that enable you to stay close to the wild animals for a more extended period.

Selecting the time
We dealt with time prior, but we also want to make you understand that late June and July is the best time to witness the movement into Kenya and late September into October is the perfect time to witness the migration of wildebeests into Tanzania.

Where to witness
It is that the wildebeest follow a regular pattern of crossing the Mara River. Your safari guide knowing the path will locate you close to the point where the animals cross to have a better view of the migration.

Selecting the best guide
It is best to be with a reputed safari organization to have the services of experienced and knowledgeable local guides. It depends on the guide’s knowledge and experience that will turn your safari into a fruitful one. As best guides are local, they will know the recent path that the animals are following for the migration and will situate you close by to witness the same.

It is not that during a Masai Mara migration safari organized by reputed tour operators, you must confine yourself only to the bounds of Masai Mara National Park. They even include a trip to Lake Nakuru and you can witness large flocks of flamingo, pelican, stork and herds of white rhino, buffalo, giraffe, warthog and others from close range.

For witnessing wildebeest migration in Masai Mara at your own pace while having a comfortable stay at best of camps and lodges, it is wise to contact BuyMore Adventures. They are a reputed, licensed tour operator in East Africa and a member of KATO and TIES. Call at +254-20-2325654 to speak with their safari advisors to plan your trip to Masai Mara during the Great Migration.


Customized Kenya Camping Tours Provide once in a Lifetime Safari Opportunity

There are different types of travelers. One common thing among the travel enthusiasts is that they love to go on an African safari at least once in a life. Among all the African countries, Kenya is perhaps the best country to do it. Camping tours are known for their thrilling game drives. It is the highest hub of wild animals and thousands of bird species. Do you want to go on safari and you are passionate about nature or want to experience real savanna? Kenya camping tours can be an excellent option before you.

One of the highlights of Kenyan camping safari is mobile camping. It lets you explore the best of Kenya and its breathtaking flora and fauna. The magnificent views will never fade away from your mind. Elegant safari camps equipped with modern amenities. Its romantic ambience showcase Kenya like never before. Reputed safari operators provide a variety of budget-friendly Kenya Camping Safaris to suit your needs. It also offers incredible views and animal activities in the park itself.

Kenya is home to the Maasai Mara National Park with the highest concentration of mammals in the world. Exciting and intriguing game drives spread across this parts of the country. Watching the annual migration, African big five, and abundant wildlife are the highlights in the Kenya camping tours. It really is worth look at the seasons, cost and weather when planning an affordable Kenya camping tour. July to September is an excellent time to visit Kenya! It’s an excellent time to experience glorious nature, witness new life entering the world! You can watch the superb drama for survival as the predators waiting for an opportunity. You’ll spot elephants moving out of forested areas for excellent viewing opportunities.

Many travelers get disappointed when they realize how expensive it can be. Few budget travelers, and especially backpackers, can afford such a large amount. There are several camping safaris for game viewing in Kenya. It will be based on your preference and budget for Kenya camping safari. The cheapest way is probably Kenya budget camping safaris. It will offer you some of the best alternatives to explore flora and fauna in Kenya. Hiring a private driver isn’t usually on the list of ways to save money. It can be inexpensive if you are looking to book a multi-destination trip. Booking a Kenya camping tour with drivers can be a cheaper solution. It enables you move from one place to other and spot some wildlife along the way as well.

Safaris aren’t most people’s first thought when planning an affordable holiday. It is true that and safari in Kenya is expensive. Reputed travel management companies offer Kenya camping safaris in an inexpensive way as well. They provide the most informative guide on how to shave a few dollars. Also, they help you to plan an affordable Kenya adventure camping safaris. Are you looking to plan an affordable Kenya safari? Get in touch with a reputed safari tour operator and find out the best deals you can take advantage of. There are some excellent lodge options in and near the national parks. They are usually much affordable than those within the gates. It means you can make a saving and still explore the parks and the amazing wildlife in it.


The Kenya Lodge Safaris – The Ultimate Gateway to an Enjoyable Vacation

Making a trip to Kenya implies making a trip to a nation that offers overwhelming assorted variety in landscapes, culture, wildlife and exercises, which prompts a practically unbounded number of chances for encounters. The way that the nation additionally has a generally excellent framework implies that on its Kenya lodge safaris, it tends to be moderately easy to get around to a wide range of regions of the nation.

Conventional natural life safari is too much, the essential that traveling to Kenya contains. However, going to Kenya is substantially more than that. Here guests likewise get tropical rain forests, delightful seashores, deserts, high mountains, entrancing society and a few UNESCO protected historical locales.

Kenya Lodge Safaris

Many travels to Kenya for safari:
There is no doubt that by far most visitors travel to Kenya comes to see and experience the natural life during lodge safaris in Kenya. Kenya is without a doubt one of the world’s absolute best safari destinations since it is here that you can genuinely encounter the big animals’ runs that you frequently see on Television. Nevertheless, the amounts, yet additionally the assorted variety of creatures and birdlife, diffuse Kenya as a safari island from other safari nations. Kenya is the homeland of the safari.

Kenya offers countless safari and national parks, each with their attributes, both creature and regular. Here we should specify the most significant:

Masai Mara National Park
Samburu/Buffalo Springs National Park
Amboseli National Park
Tsavo East and West National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park

Wild safaris in Kenya
The fringe zone between Kenya and Tanzania is the spot for an exceptional creature experience each year: the extraordinary wildlife. A yearly cycling trip, where a large number of animals trailed by predators, travel between Masai Mara and Serengeti in Tanzania looking for nutritious food. Two huge single occasions stand apart when in June and July creatures pass the Mara River and when in February they are in the Ndutu zone of Tanzania to calf.

Being on Kenya lodge safari of reputed tour operators, you can have a firsthand experience of the entire event from a close quarter.

Places to stay during a safari in Kenya
Filling in as the setting for both “Out of Africa” and “Born Free”, Kenya is one of East Africa’s most notable goals. Its home to enormous wraps of acacia-dabbed savannah and flamingo-filled lakes, just as an unspoiled Indian Ocean coastline spotted with seashore resorts. Kenya’s national parks and wildlife reserves give environment to a stunning number of natural life species, just as a transitory birdlife that is top-notch.

The nation brags an extraordinary choice of extravagance safari lodges in Kenya that give an agreeable base to an activity stuffed safari. You can kick back close to a shimmering pool during the warmth of the day and watch the nightfall with a cocktail close by from the solace of your private deck. Regardless of whether you need to photo crowds of elephants supported by the pinnacle of Mount Kilimanjaro, experience community-based tourism in Laikipia, or bird watch in the Samburu National Reserve, you can stay in these lodges and have an exciting, enjoyable and comfortable safari.

Hemingways Nairobi
Involving a ranch-style stop set on 10 beautiful acres of land, this colonial-style boutique hotel has strategically location close to the Karen Blixen Museum, the Giraffe Center and Nairobi National Park. It is set in the verdant suburb of Karen overlooking the Ngong Hills, with its rich rooms styled when Hemingway was exploring East Africa.

Mara Bushtops
Flaunting an amazing peak area circumscribing the Maasai Mara National Reserve, this ultra-lavish camp gives you the pleasure of having an exciting lodge safari in Kenya. It includes only 12 spacious tents, a shimmering pool and an on-location spa, a private salt lick watched over by a 100-square-meter perception deck.

Campi ya Kanzi
It is the main extravagance safari lodge up in the Chyulu Hills, this honor winning boutique eco-lodge works as an organization with the neighborhood network. It includes only a bunch of tented suites and bungalows for a cozy encounter, with private verandas offering dazzling perspectives over the encompassing woodland.

When you wish to experience the best of lodge safaris in Kenya then you cannot avoid staying at this place.

When you wish to stay in these and many other Kenya safari lodges it is best to contact BuyMore Adventures. Call at +254-20-2325654 to discuss with them and plan your Kenya safari vacation.


Professional Guide to Experience the Splendid Adventure Safari in Kenya on Budget

Kenya is probably the best and fantastic country to travel to do a safari tour of all the African countries. Because this country is home to the Maasai Mara, that seems to be the only National Park with the highest concentration of mammals in the world. Apart from that, it offers so many adventure things to do and have a great adventure tours experience in Kenya.

great adventure tours Kenya

Many travelers think that Kenya consists of vast savannah plains with incredible wildlife that you are only going to visit if you want to do a safari. Also, the safaris in Kenya are not cheap; so many people don’t even consider it an option. But the things are wrong as Kenya is a country that beckons with iconic sights, natural wonders, and ancient sites. You can accomplish your safari journey or adventure tours in Kenya with a budget as well. Many reliable tour operators provide Kenya budget tours and adventure tours to meet your safari dream in such a beautiful East African country.

Travelers can join hundreds of other tourists to a hike up the famous snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya and visit Lake Nakuru, the home of wild animals and hundreds of bird species. Thousands of the famed lesser Flamingos that pink blush the water to a sight splendor. Take a drive through the magnificent Maasai Mara grassy plains full of wild animals, tribal cultures and catch the stunning natural phenomenal glimpse of the annual wildebeest migration. Peaceful and mighty waterfalls, beautiful nature, trails, and so many untouched archaeological sites for history lovers and many more delights waiting to be explored on a Kenya budget tours.

Customized budget tours in Kenya offer safaris, depending on the client’s specifications. It is an opportunity for people to explore the magnificent land even if you are on a budget. Budget tours packages are made to most clients’ needs and requirements; no matter it is an individual, couple, group, or family safari. In case you need it more customized, they will do it effectively, ensuring you have the best safari tour experience. They offer such packages under different titles like Kenya budget tours, Budget Safari Tours, Budget Lodge Safari, budget tours Kenya, Kenya budget camping, Kenya adventure safari, Kenya budget safaris, etc. So get ready to journey to the home of endless plains dotted with animals, wildlife documentaries, the Great Migration, rolling hills and lush mountains, damn good-looking coastline, and much more.

What do you do if you’re traveling on a budget, and where are the best places to explore? Kenya budget tours have been designed to offer the same high-quality wildlife safari experience provided by the top-end safari camps, with 4×4 game viewing vehicles escorted by top-class guides and exclusive wildlife conservancies hugely reduced price. The price can also be reduced by staying in small basic adventure camps instead of luxury accommodation or expensive tented lodges. If you are on a low budget, you can find other travelers to share the cost of arranging the safari. You may also bring the prices down if you brought your camping equipment. However, in any case, it will always be immensely cheaper than if you book it in Nairobi. You can join travelers from different companies to reduce the cost of package and rest assures that all the services are met as desired. It is a good option for those who wish to enjoy the wildlife safari experience with the high quality guiding at a fraction of the price.

Contact BuyMore Adventures for your tours in Kenya on +254-20-2325654, +254-729-242950, and request for tailor-made budget safari deals based on your travel needs!


Masai Mara Luxury Safari- A Distinctive Journey to Explore Masai Mara

Kenya is an absolutely beautiful country to explore, and it is one of the preciousplace on the planet with its magnificent wildlife and natural wonder. Situated in the southeast of Kenya, the Mara is home to the largest concentration of large mammals on the planet, and it is simply a must-do when visiting Kenya. There are so many things to see and do in this little slice of Kenya sprawling plains of Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Mara is jam-packed with wildlife as well as tourists! Knowing where to go and where to stay is the key to enjoying the best of what the Mara has to offer. It is the most popular destination for wildlife viewing, and it is the most popular place and significant park for visitors coming to Kenya. Customized Masai Mara luxury safari is an excellent opportunity for travelers to see the Masai Mara in real life. The region’s game drive is truly phenomenal, and morning and evening drives from the camp as well as guided walks and hot air balloon safaris present amazing wildlife viewing opportunities and nature’s most amazing shows.

If Masai Mara would be a stage, then Great Migration was the famous opera, and you are the spectator to see the scene very close! In real life, it supersedes all expectations with its noble surrounding, wildlife prey on them, big skies, grasslands, and distinctive acacia trees. Luxury Masai Mara safari is an excellent way to perceive things up-close, and it is fantastic all year round. Luxury safari in Masai Mara Kenya, done in the dry season (June to Oct), lets you explore nature’s greatest wonder. Watching the great African migration, the most spectacular sites at the Mara River where wild beast and zebras cross over while the crocodile, lions, and many others waiting for satisfying their hunger are worth of your visit. The blue sky and thin vegetation make it easy to trace the most beautiful wildlife and birdlife easier.

Masai Mara luxury safari offers so many luxury accommodations that include luxury camps, resorts, and boutique hotels, and each of them has its own charm and unique luxurious character. The luxurious safari lodge captures the essence of the African bush, and all are looking fabulous. It let the travelers enjoying an authentic East Africa wildlife experience paired with luxurious safari hospitality. It is the place where you will ensure excellent service and luxurious staying experience in the wild. You will also get the opportunity to witness millions of wildebeest, endangered hippos paying and swimming, Black Nile crocodile, and many more things you dream of seeing. The chefs working the Masai Mara luxury safari camps & lodges take great care about your vegan diet and exceptional food and delicious meals every day.

The Masai Mara luxury safari operators will provide sturdy safari vehicles and expert guides that know the National park like the back of their hand. The guides are always in touch with you and help you sight the hard to find animals and birds in the wild. They are also good storyteller to express the history of the jungle and the ancient Masai tribe. Witness this spectacle is nothing short of epic and it is undoubtedly a memory to cherish for the rest of your life!

For more information about luxury safari Masai Mara, contact BuyMore Adventures today! They are the registered tour operator based in Kenya offers customized Masai Mara luxury safari to travelers across the globe.


Perceive the Abundant Wildlife Attractions on Exclusive Kenya Luxury Safari Tours

Are you looking for an authentic East African experience? Kenya luxury safari tours are the best alternative for you. It’s an exciting place filled with diverse landscapes and cultures, along with some unforgettable wildlife experiences. Kenya is one of the favorite places in the world and one of the best destinations in Africa liked by wildlife and traveling enthusiasts. Its endless wildlife, rolling hills, lush mountains, and a coastline that will leave you speechless, worth exploring!

Kenya luxury safari tour

The unique attractions of Kenya, with its diversity of flora and fauna, hold the incredible scenery and amazing natural wonders. Spectacular beaches, lakes, waterfalls, and, more importantly, plentiful wildlife is the topmost magnetism of small East African country. Over three hundred mammal species, some species which you are never heard of! No doubt, Kenya is a miraculous destination for Kenya’s luxury safari, where you will enjoy a luxury escape from the city’s busy life and get the golden opportunity to perceive flora and fauna at any time in a year.

Authentic five-star dining, exquisite local dishes, drinking wine in shimmering crystal glasses, sparkling chandeliers, extravagant bedding, exceptional service, relaxing spa treatments, and exotic Kenya luxury safari lodges are some of the qualities of Kenya luxury safari. But you will be surprised to believe that Kenya offers far more than luxury lodges throughout the world. You will get all levels of elegance and sophistication in Kenya luxury safari lodges while on safari. It will assure you of getting much better yet premium Kenya luxury safari packages for Kenya’s varied and high wildlife density experiences combined with friendly, welcoming services.

Kenya luxury safari tour offers an ultimate chance to spellbind the scenic beauty of greenish suburbs along with seeing of wildlife like leopards, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, buffalo, elephants, and much more wild animals feeding or wandering across the planes. The wildebeest migration – one of the world’s most incredible natural spectacles – is one of the many reasons you should visit Kenya. When it comes to wildlife tours, animals may be the topmost focal point. You will be able to see the beautiful birds in Kenya as it is a home for hundreds of bird species. Spending a few days will let you explore the vast Mara Reserve, wildebeest migrations, and spot the large carnivores of Africa or explore the massive National Parks with a staggering amount of wildlife. Well, planned Kenya luxury safari packages will organize a perfect range of holiday vacations as per your taste and preferences.

If you are dreaming of going on a wildlife safari, you might be wondering where to start. If so, then make your wildlife safari route through BuyMore Adventures. They help you get your Kenya luxury safari lodges so you can enjoy your journey like a king! You can take a close glimpse of a wide range of wildlife and some of the mysterious fog of alkaline lakes and much more. Apart from all these offerings, they make your Kenya luxury safari tours is a unique combination of wildlife safari with various sporting activities like hiking, balloon safari, sea fishing, walking, caving, and much to offer a high-end rewarding experience to every visitor. Contact BuyMore Adventures today for immediate booking for an ultimate Kenya tour and feel the uniqueness of serene African natural beauty.


The Amazing Features that will Draw you to Kenya After the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Astonishing natural life, stunning landscape and an inviting blend of culture, there are numerous reasons why Kenya should top your travel wish list after COVID-19. Here are the inspirational reasons why you need to undertake luxury safari in Kenya after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You will love Kenya
Kenya humbly affects individuals who travel there. To consider an outing to this African nation an unimportant occasion is to think little of its impact on you. Visit ‘the cradle of civilization’, as it now and again called and you will encounter an enduring, otherworldly association. For some, it is unexplainable adoration. From the Rift Valley and the shores of Lake Naivasha to the cosmopolitan clamor of Nairobi and the white sand beaches that soften into the crystal Indian Ocean, Kenya is a world explorer’s fantasy goal.

Lake Naivasha

The Masai Mara
With numerous national parks and game reserves of fantastic land and bio-assorted variety, Kenya has one of the best preservation programs on earth including one of the most celebrated untamed life saves: the Masai Mara. Being a member of Kenya luxury safari, you can witness the roaring hooves of a large number of creatures as they leave on the Great Annual Migration.

Balance wonderful beaches with wild safaris
Kenya luxury safaris give you the opportunities to set out on game drives to see lions, pronghorn and elephants, visiting Masai towns and tourist ballooning over the savannah, invest energy looking over the broad excellence and sharp, blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Kenya has quite a lot more to offer than natural life experiences and the beaches are one of those.

The National parks of Kenya
Kenya offers the absolute best view in East Africa, including Samburu National Park, Amboseli National Park, Meru National Park, Malindi Marine National Park and Hold. The experience you can have while exploring these national parks supersedes all other safari experiences that you can have anywhere else.

Extravagance safari lodges
You never should underestimate the charm of a luxury safari camp after the rush and excitement of a dusty, hot game drive. Furnished with all the familiar luxuries anticipating you like a scene from a Hollywood film, you’ll eat out – under the wide night sky – with the open-air fire snapping and be transfixed by the hints of the natural life that encompass you. Settled on the banks of the Mara River, Governors Camp offers outstanding convenience in a prime situation for game review and seeing the great wildebeest movement.

BuyMore Adventures can arrange for the best luxury safaris in Kenya. They have the experience and knowledge to organize and customize the best of safari trips. It is best to contact them early, as after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic there will be a huge surge of tourists visiting Kenya. Call at +254-20-2325654 to know more about their luxury safaris.


Reasons and Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is a microcosm of Africa. It has more than fifty of the world’s most stunning national parks, harbors a portion of Earth’s most undermined natural life and guarantees an encounter that is both profoundly moving and outwardly luminous. In this way, in the event that Kenya as of now does not feature on your rundown of dream goals, we disclose to you why you need to plan Kenya group tours for your next vacation after the pandemic of COVID 19.

Kenya group tours
Wonder about the Mara
Home to the ‘best natural life show on earth’ — the yearly relocation of one-and-a-half million wildebeest and their going with the escort of zebra, impala and predators — the Masai Mara remains Kenya’s most well known save on account of the sheer splendor of its game review. Here, in a solitary morning, you can hope to see the huge number of elephant, lion, giraffe, hippo and a genuine kaleidoscope of fields game, blended with such amazing sightings as a solitary cheetah roosted on a termite hill, a panther up a tree or a group of warthogs making tracks over the savannah.

It is not possible to walk and explore here, so in the event that you would prefer to explore across Greater Mara, visit along with a reputed tour operator having experience and knowledge to organize group tours in Kenya. Read More