Why Kenya Camping Tours are Ideal for Everyone

Kenya made going on safari notable, and the country stays one of Africa’s top objectives for spotting untamed life. A safari is an extraordinary experience, yet not all safaris are the same. Here are some Kenya Camping Tours, despite whether or not you are lacking in timetable or masterminding a conclusive bucket rundown trip. 

kenya camping tours

For the Time-Crunched Visitor 

You need not require having a tremendous measure of time to get out into the fence to spot untamed life. Nairobi National Park is outside the Kenyan capital, settling on a supportive decision that ought to be conceivable into a large portion of a day. Those in a rush who need to finish a medium-term safari can pick Kenya Adventure Camping Safaris in Amboseli National Park.

For the Environment Lovers

Preservation is an element issue in Kenya. The people who need to get comfortable with untamed life protection attempts can join a short safari to Nairobi National Park with visits to elephant salvage and restoration facility and a center for risked giraffes. 

For the Bucket-Lister 

For most explorers, Kenya Camping Safaris are a rare experience. Exploit it with a more drawn out safari—consistently around seven days—that brings the best of Kenya in front of you. Spotting the Big Five is an assurance. 

For the Beach Lover 

While the untamed life evidently includes Kenya’s primary attractions, sun searchers need not pick between a safari and a shoreline trip. Multi-day visits join the better of both, with time to visit Amboseli and Tsavo East National Parks, similarly as a couple of days to loosen up on the brilliant shorelines of Kenya’s south coast. Reputed visit administrators sort out such visits and offer Kenya Safari visit packages to have such prospects. 

For the Outdoor Enthusiast 

For explorers who feel great in nature, Kenya Budget Camping Safaris offer real outside camping and the opportunity to rest under the stars and take “bush showers” in the warm African sun. A couple of safaris fuse the Great Rift Valley highlights, including Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara National Park. 

kenya camping safaris

Choosing the Correct Safari Package 

About picking the best safari package for Kenya Holidays, you have a couple of decisions. You can have a customized safari to suit your requirements or like an assurance of expenditure plan and luxurious safari package with reputed tour administrators’ help.  During the Kenya Camping Tours organized by BuyMore Adventures, you can experience the various social varieties and the local people’s generosity. The Masai, Pokot, and the Turkana society are where you can learn and practice a bit of the social activities. It will be an extraordinary experience to know and perceive how the Masai tribesmen can live safely inside the reserve zone overflowing with untamed life. Exploring nights in camps in the center of the bushland will be a great time. The staggering virgin environment will empower you to learn different sorts of trees, bugs and birds. To know more about such a fantastic safari experience in Kenya, call at +254-20-2325654.

The Luxury Safari in Kenya that Will Leave You Fascinated

It is safe to say that you intend to be in Kenya for your next vacation. On the off chance that you are, at that point, it would be unwise on your part not to be an individual from the Luxury Safari in Kenya coordinated by reputed tour operators.

When you are with reputed tour operators, then you can have personalized services from the time you land at the airport. They offer the best of comfort and safety through the safari and that too at a competitive price. They are flexible with their Kenya Luxury Safari itinerary and so you can visit your desired destinations and maximize your time in Kenya.

kenya luxury safaris

The Uniqueness of Their Safaris

The uniqueness of their Kenya Luxury Safaris is their presentation of private safari visits that are special and extraordinary to their clients. They plan their safari trip in such a way that you will not actually feel stressed or uncomfortable. During the safari, you can hope to have an assortment of Kenya vacation activities, wildlife safari, birding, touring, mountaineering and cultural visits.

The safari will empower you to notice and experience the whole variety in each angle that Kenya offers. As they esteem their clients, they generally guarantee that they keep estimating their cash by putting the best administration and spending plan.

It is good to know that during every one of the luxury safaris, they painstakingly pick hotels, camps and lodges that add to the flavor and romance to your vacation. They are agreeable and lavish. On safari, you will experience an assortment of facilities. Luxury lodges mix pleasantly with the scene and have rooms with all conveniences you would anticipate from a decent hotel. Tented camps are on permanent establishments and have en-suite washrooms. The amenities can incorporate heated water containers to warm your bed before you have a taste of espresso, tea and hot cocoa served in your tent as a feature of your initial morning wake-up call. Aside from the tree lodges, any other lodges and camps have swimming pools.

Your driver and guide will be a necessary piece of your safari experience. He will be there with you all along the safari to help you uncover the miracles of Kenya’s geology, history and obviously the wildlife. Each guide is a Kenyan national, has knowledge about his nation’s customs and stories just as outstandingly proficient in zones, for example, local greenery, tribal legend, and local topography.

luxury safari kenya

BuyMore Adventures is the organization you can rely on to have exposure to the best Luxury Safaris in Kenya. They are a member of KATO and TIES and make it possible to have the best Safari Experience in Kenya at an affordable rate. They customize their safari itinerary according to their clients’ desires, making it possible to give life to every dream that safari lovers have. They have accredited members of Ecotourism, SheTrades and are currently Travelife Engaged. They also have representation on safaribookings.com and safarigo.com. Call at +254-720-246075 to book your place in any of the many luxury safaris they organize in Kenya.

Reasons to Endeavor Masai Mara Migration Safari Once in a Lifetime

One of the top safari destinations in Africa is the Masai Mara National Reserve and its neighboring are. The wide-open plain is home to animals like elephants, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hyena, and Mara’s famous big cats: lion, leopard, and cheetah. If you are there between June to November, you can witness the Great Wildebeest Migration. Seeing all this is possible while having safety, comfortable, and luxurious stay on Masai Mara Migration Safari with reputed tour operators. 

masaimara safaris

Here we discuss a few reasons why you would love to come to Masai Mara and have a fabulous time exploring and enjoying with your family and friends. 

Year-Round Game Viewing

The varied landscape, wide-open space, temperate climate, and diverse population of resident games make Masai Mara the best place to have game viewing all round the year. The savannahs are home to lions, leopards, elephants and buffalo, and species like zebra, giraffe, hyena, eland, and gazelle. If you are lucky, then you can also view Rhino. One of Masai Mara Migration Safari Tours highlights can be the fastest land mammal chase down its prey.

Witness Wildebeest Migration

From June to November, you can witness the most fantastic show on earth, the Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara. Reputed tour operators arrange for comfortable accommodations from where you can easily view the river crossing points. If you wish, you can also endeavor a hot-air balloon trip to consider the migration’s totality. You can again stay at a private conservancy if you want to avoid crowds. 

It is best to book a Migration Safari in Masai Marawell ahead of time. There is a huge rush of tourists, so be sure to find a place at the best accommodations and enjoy fully book early. 

budget masaimara safari

Meeting Masai People

Masai Mara Migration Safarisnot only give you opportunities to witness wildlife or the migration, but it is also the ideal way to interact with Masai people. You can visit local villages and learn about the tradition of the Masai people. You can spend a day with them and learn about the cultural aspect and tradition of the Masai. 

Stay in a Private Conservancy

You can stay at private conservancies and avoid the crowd. However, you are far from the public, but you are not away from the wild. You visit close to the wild and enjoy an exciting safari vacation under the guidance of reputed tour operators.

masaimara migration safari

BuyMore Adventures help you to have the best of safari and witness the Masai Mara Migrationfrom close range. When you are with them, you can expect to have the best experience while you pay an affordable price. You travel in a clean and comfortable safari vehicle and stay at luxurious accommodations during the safari. You will have 100% satisfaction from the safari trip with them. Call at +254-20-2325654 to talk with them and plan your trip to Masai Mara.

Top Destinations in Kenya For Group Tour

In a country swarmed with world-famous islands, national parks, beaches, cities and forests, you’d think that finding an ideal destination for Kenya Group Tours would be easy, right?

Well, you’d not be wrong, but it’s precisely because you’ve so much to pick from what makes the whole process a pain in the neck.

Group Tours Kenya

Keeping that in mind, here we have shortlisted some of the finest destinations for Group Tours in Kenya:

Meru National Park:

We can’t stress this enough: you’ve to visit Meru National Park for many specific & exciting reasons, including:

  • It covers over 4,000 km2
  • It’s part of the Meru Conservation Area which is abode to Mwingi, Kora National Park andMeru National Park.
  • It’s home to campsites, renowned lodges, and the Big Five (Rhino, Lion, Elephant, Leopard and Buffalo).

This national park will proffer you opportunities to explore the best scenery, wildlife and historical heritages that Africa is known for.

Kenya Group Tours

Maiyan, Nanyuki:

Nanyuki is world famous as it’s located in the foothills of Mount Kenya and is home to some of the expansive private wildlife ranches and conservancies in the nation. Visiting there would be the perfect group tour on any vacation.

Maiyan is a country resort which gives you sweeping views of Mount Kenya at any time of the day. Also you can witness Lolldaiga Hills & the Aberdares when standing on top of the rooftop pool lounge in any of the villas.

Group Safari Tours

Amboseli National Park:

Embellished by the mammoth Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park is one of the best places to visit on a Kenya Safari Tour. This is a must visit place if you want to witness the grand views of the highest peak of Africa, and see large herds of African elephants, and a wide range of wildlife such as cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and infinite bird species.

Kenya Safari Tours

Masai Mara:

With abundant elephant, buffalo, giraffe, lion and cheetah alongside the migratory wildebeest, the Masai Mara is a naturalist’s and photographer’s paradise. The Mara is well-known for offering remarkable big cat (lion, leopard and cheetah) sightings. Cheetahs are especially well adapted to the region’s flat plains. You can enjoy a unique site of migration in this area from the months of July to October when wild animals such as wildebeest and zebra migrate to this area from Serengeti.

Masai Mara Tours

Plan your next Kenya Group Tours with none other than Buy More Adventures and rest assured to make it a lifetime memory. Whether you are looking to travel solo or as a group we can happily accommodate your needs. Visit us now to explore our different Kenya Tour Packages!

Kenya Lodge Safaris are an Excellent Option for Travelers for Many Reasons

Kenya is the safari capital of East Africa, and it is a place where elephants, buffalo, and wildebeest roam fearlessly across vast plains. Flamingo flocks wade in the shallows, lions doze on sunbaked savannahs, and herds of hippo’s graze by river banks. Yet in the journey to see the country’s wildlife, never overlook the local culture and people. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have a break from the hectic everyday lifestyle, then going on a Kenya Lodge Safari is the best option for you. It will truly make you feel more refreshed and energized.

Kenya lodge safaris

You often take advantage of the exclusive camps and lodges located on private reserves while booking Kenya Lodge Safaris. There are so many private Kenya Safari Lodges throughout Kenya. Most of them are situated adjacent to established national parks. Private reserves have made it possible to extend protected wildlife areas vastly. Private Kenya Safari Lodges adjacent to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve have doubled the opportunity to perceive the wildlife roam around!

A Private Lodge Safari in Kenya pioneers in providing exposure for travelers. They do everything with style and flair. The luxury lodge tents inside the national park are spacious and equipped with lavished amenities including the bathtubs or swimming pools for clients. They provide necessary cocktails (beverages like ice-cold beer, gin, and tonic, whisky or wine) as the sunset. They offer a comfortable bed with mattresses and good quality linen for a relaxed sleep. They also provide wardrobes and writing desks; a library stocked with exciting books and a porch where you can sit and watch passing-by wildlife! Travelers are free to shoot with their cameras!

lodge safari Kenya

Customized & organized Kenya Lodge Safaris means clients will enjoy top quality, authentic staying experience without worrying about the logistics and transfers. Reputed Lodge Safaris Operators in Kenya have years of experience creating memorable lodge safari for people. Each of their Lodge Safari in Kenya is filled with lots of enthusiasm, care, and the best quality service. And they pride in providing the best out of their experience. They offer a 5-star service based on the feedback from clients!

Your safari lodges or tents are in the best game viewing area with a beautiful view. They arrange a 4 x 4 sturdy safari vehicle and make your journey as flexible as you would like them to be. They provide expert guides who know the place better than others and understand precisely how you think and your interest to discover! They enhance your safari interest even more to learn so much more, such as the wildlife, medicinal properties of trees, and plants.

The Safari Lodges and Camps in Kenya tend to be more luxurious and spacious than national parks. You can enjoy a hot shower or bath after returning to your base in the evening. You will get to sit with your co-travelers around the fire beneath the stars, chat about the day’s excitements and plan the following day together. Meals are of a very high standard and often coupled with excellent wine. Dinner is usually a very social affair; travelers staying at the camp eat together and share their safari sightings of the day. Kenya Lodge Safaris provide the option of a private bush dinner or breakfast for guests as well.

Kenya safari lodges

The best way to have such Kenya Lodge Safaris is to contact BuyMore Adventures– a registered tour operator based in Kenya. They have been organizing several Kenya Lodge Safaris for years, so you can expect to have the best experience. Do contact them dialing +254-729-242950 or emailing at info@buymoreadventures.com and book one of their lodge safaris today!

Exclusive Budget Safari for an Ultimate Travel Experience in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country and a dreamwildlife destination in Africa to travel to. If you are a first-timer on a safari, Kenya will be your best choice. It has numerous things to offer, and it is enough to make your safari a memorable experience. It consists of vast savannah plains with fantastic wildlife that can be discovered only when you go on a safari. The safari industry provides an improved tourism infrastructure compared to any other part of Africa. The safari operators ensure to provide diverse varieties of safari packages for all sorts of budgets. Kenya’s Budget Safari can be an excellent option before you to fulfill your safari dream.

budget safari

Kenya is a top wildlife destination in Africa offer modern safari adventures for visitors of all age. It is home to some of the iconic wildlife parks in Africa. You will feel the pride of meeting The big five, the big cats, tree-climbing lions, cheetah families, wild hogs, hyenas, the annual wildebeest migration, Nile crocodile, and much more wildlife and birdlife found here. Reputed tour operators and travel management companies share several destinations across both countries that guaranteed you a magical Budget Kenya Safari.

Such a well-planned Kenya Budget Safari never lets you leave a hole in your pocket! However, it may vary with the visitor’s choice and preference and budget of travelers. You can discover beautiful landscapes, super action-packed wildlife & safari activities, picnics in the bush, adventure activities like a hot air balloon safari, walking safaris. You may also opt to have a cultural experience and learn much more about the famous Maasai people of East Africa.

kenya tours

In most cases, Budget Kenya Safaris offered in a group whereby you will share the transport vehicle with like-minded co-travelers to most of the common wildlife areas. Well-planned Kenya Budget Safaris ensure cutting down most expenses like lodging, transporting, and much more. If you can forgo some comfort and privacy, then these Budget Kenya Safaris will be the best option for you. In the end, you can make some good friends and explore some adventurous safari tour for a good memory.

Kenya Budget Safaris are inexpensive as they split various costs in the process like transport, lodging, guides charges, and much more expenses. The maximum group number for the Budget Safari in Kenya per vehicle is seven people, and the more in a group, the more affordable the safari tour will be! Kenya Budget Safaris have fixed tour itineraries as they accommodate different people but ensure that you will achieve a smooth safari experience. If you are a budget traveler and looking for a great adventure, these budget group joining safaris are wonderful adventures for you.

budget Kenya safari

BuyMore Adventures is a dependable and responsible tour operator in East Africa that provides numerous safaris to meet the client’s desire, preference, and budget. They have a fair share of an idea about the questions you may have in your mind about possible trips, especially a budget safari in Kenya! You can see their Kenya Budget Safaris and talk to them today for your fantastic safari adventure ahead!

How to Enjoy Kenya on Budget

You may be wondering if it is possible to enjoy Kenya within your budget. It is possible and reputed tour operators organize Kenya budget tours, which allow you to enjoy Kenya without any hassle or stress. Let us see how it is possible to enjoy Kenya within your budget.

Kenya Budget Safari

Cheap flights
It is best to search for deals so that you can avail cheap flights to Kenya. You can select cheap flights through various sites. If you contact a reputed tour operator, you do not need to bother about finding cheap flights. As you tell them your budget, they will select a flight cost that will meet your financial limit.

How to get around Kenya within budget
It can be a bit of a hassle to find budget travel within budget. However, you can travel by train or bus if you desire to travel on a budget. If you are with a reputed tour operator, they will arrange for private transportation but will not have to break your budget.

Places to visit in Kenya
There are various places you can visit in Kenya when you are there to travel within your budget. You can travel to the Mount Kenya area and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. This is a farm surrounded by nature and will have beautiful views of the Nanyuki River. You will enjoy the freshness of this mountain area.

Spotting wildlife in Masai Mara is an activity that you cannot miss when you are in Kenya. It is not that you cannot have a safari tour with reputed tour operators if you are on a budget. They organize these tours without any compromise on quality. You will have the best arrangement of transportation, accommodation, guides and food when you are with them on such budget tours in Kenya.

Menengai Crater and Nakuru National Park

Menengai Crater and Nakuru National Park are two places that you cannot miss to visit. There are reasonable accommodations where you can stay and enjoy your visit. As you discuss with the tour operators about your budget, they will plan the trip in such a manner that you will have the chance to be at all places of tourist interest within your budget.

BuyMore Adventure is the ideal location to select tour operators for having a budget tour in Kenya. You can have adventure tours in Kenya within your budget and have personalized services from the time that you land at the airport. You can have a flexible tour schedule from the reputed tour operator you select from the BuyMore Adventure list. The tour operators will arrange for the best of transportation and guides. You can have a comfortable journey and understand the importance of the places that you visit. They even customize their tour schedule according to your desires. Call at +254-20-2325654 to select the best tour operator for having budget tours in Kenya.

Source: https://buymoreadventures.wordpress.com/2020/10/21/how-to-enjoy-kenya-on-budget/

Discover Masai Mara – the off the Beaten Path Destination on a Budget Safari

There are different kinds of travelers, but most want to keep the Masai Mara safari in their travel bucket list.Among all the East African countries, Kenya is perhaps the best country to do it in. Why? It is because Kenya is home to the Maasai Mara National Park, which is acknowledged for the highest concentration of wildlife and mammals in the world. It is Kenya’s leading park and undeniably one of the top game safari destinations in the world.

Have you ever wish to travel to the Masai Mara National Reserve but think it would be way out of your budget? Safari holidays are notoriously expensive! But you can take the assistance of reputed tour operators or travel management companies that provide exclusive Masai Mara budget safari to meet your travel wish. They share with you all the details and tell you how you can experience the Masai Mara on a budget!

Masai Mara budget safari

Most travelers (especially the budget ones) remain very disappointed when they come to know that safari is an expensive affair. If you try to book the Masai Mara safari in advance from your home country, you’ll find the prices start at 800USD for just 3-days only. Not many travelers or backpackers cannot afford such a large amount. However, if you wish to get a better deal on budget Masai Mara safari, you should contact a local safari operator who will guide you every step. Or the most common way is to book it once you are in Kenya or Nairobi.

Typically, the backpacker boarding house offers the best rates, but the final price will never go lower than 130-150USD per day. The minimum days you need to book is around three days; therefore, you’ll end up with an expense of at least 380 to 450USD for the budget Masai Mara safari. Now the question arises: what are the things included in this Masai Mara budget safari package?

• Transportation in the group (from and to Nairobi)

• Three-time meals a day (drinks not included)

• Accommodation in a shared tent outside of the National Park

• The entrance fees to the Maasai Mara National Park entrance fee

• Half-day game drive on the first day, full game drive on the second day, and a morning game drive on the third day with co-travelers.

You probably understood it correctly. This package is a complete trip for people who are on a budget. You book a three day Masai Mara safari, but you only do one to three days of game drive. Why and how? It is so as the first day will be passed on driving to the park while game viewing and settled up in the camp and chance to visit the evening game drive. You can go for a full game drive on the second day. On the third day, you will get time for a quick morning safari, as you need to drive back to Nairobi. You can also find other travelers to share the cost with the help of the tour operator. They will help you manage the things so that your safari itinerary will not be compromised. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that Masai Mara safari prices would vary based on weather conditions and advance booking. You may also put down the costs by bringing your own camping equipment. However, in any case, it can be immensely cheaper if you book it in Nairobi.

BuyMore Adventures dedicated to providing personalized service with the best price guarantee in the market. For a well-planned Masai Mara budget safari, you can call them at +254-729-242950! They are happy to guide you.

Source: https://masaimaraluxurysafari.wordpress.com/2020/09/22/discover-masai-mara-the-off-the-beaten-path-destination-on-a-budget-safari/

Wildebeest Migration – The Masai Mara Experience not to Miss

Grand and glorious wildlife and the ultimate experience during a safari distinguish Masai Mara from the rest of the African nation. The variety of wildlife species, the presence of the Big 5, the close encounters one can have and the excitement of all such adventurous experiences draw a large number of adventure lovers to the Masai Mara National Park, located in the southwest of Kenya. Masai Mara migration safari is the ultimate safari experience that you can undertake to witness the annual natural phenomenon of movement of large herds of wildlife between Masai Mara and the Serengeti National Park.

You can visit Masai Mara and be part of 4 days Masai Mara migration safari tours organized by reputed tour operators to have the real-life experience of witnessing the world’s most extraordinary wildlife events.

Here we discuss facts that will help you to have the best of adventurous experience during Masai Mara migration.

Wildebeest Migration Masai Mara

The best time to witness wildlife migration in Masai Mara
Selecting the time to be at Masai Mara to see the Great Migration is of utmost importance. The best period to witness this natural phenomenon of movement of millions of animals making their way to Masai Mara crossing the Mara River is from July to September. We hope that by September world will return to its normal and all travel restrictions lifted, allowing you to be part of Masai Mara migration safaris.

The vast herds of wild animals stay in Masai Mara from July to October and then again travel back to Serengeti from November. If you are in Masai Mara, it is for sure that you will have the opportunities to have the best of close encounters with wildlife.

The pieces of advice to witness the migration at its best
If you have in mind to being a part of such a safari, then it is wise to know how to witness the migration at its best. The trained guides of the reputed tour organization have the best of knowledge and experience to guide you. Still, then also you should know how to make migration safari in Masai Mara an adventurous experience that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Place to stay
You will notice that there are various options for accommodations overlooking the Mara River. If you prefer, you can stay at private concessions and have a better opportunity to witness the migration. Many tour operators organize special game drives that enable you to stay close to the wild animals for a more extended period.

Selecting the time
We dealt with time prior, but we also want to make you understand that late June and July is the best time to witness the movement into Kenya and late September into October is the perfect time to witness the migration of wildebeests into Tanzania.

Where to witness
It is that the wildebeest follow a regular pattern of crossing the Mara River. Your safari guide knowing the path will locate you close to the point where the animals cross to have a better view of the migration.

Selecting the best guide
It is best to be with a reputed safari organization to have the services of experienced and knowledgeable local guides. It depends on the guide’s knowledge and experience that will turn your safari into a fruitful one. As best guides are local, they will know the recent path that the animals are following for the migration and will situate you close by to witness the same.

It is not that during a Masai Mara migration safari organized by reputed tour operators, you must confine yourself only to the bounds of Masai Mara National Park. They even include a trip to Lake Nakuru and you can witness large flocks of flamingo, pelican, stork and herds of white rhino, buffalo, giraffe, warthog and others from close range.

For witnessing wildebeest migration in Masai Mara at your own pace while having a comfortable stay at best of camps and lodges, it is wise to contact BuyMore Adventures. They are a reputed, licensed tour operator in East Africa and a member of KATO and TIES. Call at +254-20-2325654 to speak with their safari advisors to plan your trip to Masai Mara during the Great Migration.

Source: https://masaimaraluxurysafari.wordpress.com/2020/09/04/wildebeest-migration-the-masai-mara-experience-not-to-miss/